French Cuisine With African Roots

Melanie Originally from Cameroon, Melanie started cooking at a very young age. Melanie often jokes, saying “she was born in a pot” and fell in love with cooking traditional Cameroonian dishes. As a young student, Melanie moved to France to pursue a degree in law. In Paris, she discovered wider African cuisine through the Parisian diaspora.

Melanie’s husband introduced her to French gastronomy and it trickled into her home, where she started making fusion dishes for her four children. Melanie later decided to forgo her studies in order to pursue her love for culinary arts. This lead her through some of the most recognized kitchens in Paris, such as Les Miniatures, Restaraunt Opera, Palais De Tokyo and Carlton-Ritz Paris. While at Carlton-Rigz Paris, Melanie had the opportunity to work with the executive chef of Mandarin oriental, Thierry Marx.

A few years ago, while on vacation with her family in the New York, Melanie was inspired to open a restaurant in the big Apple. The impression that New York City had on Melanie, let to her moving to the states to embark on a journey that would consist of her sharing her passion for food with The City.

Le Succulent embodies the combination of homegrown African cuisine and French gastronomy. At Le Succulent, Melanie prioritizes quality, organic, in season products and ingredients to ensure amazing taste. For Melanie, food can be a bond, even between cultures. She servesanyo ne as if they were family. We look forward to serving you.


Madame Melanie Delcourt